Art and Beauty

Because SANG NOIR is deeply attached to art and beauty.

In designing our range of cosmetics, we were duty-bound to think not only about the containers but also the contents.

A constant search for beauty in the designs, the colours, the ingredients and the fragrances…

Facial products

SANG NOIR facial products treat the skin with care and respect.

Naturally effective, our facial products are made from organic plant ingredients, selected with the greatest care.

The idea behind the SANG NOIR facial routine is to apply different products according to their texture to ensure they are properly absorbed; starting with the lightest and moving through to the richest.

Based on paying attention to the needs of the skin, the SANG NOIR routine consists of applying several layers of products to maintain a healthy, well-moisturized and well-nourished skin, while preventing damage caused by external aggression such as pollution and hard water.

Since the state of our epidermis changes as the day goes on, the SANG NOIR routine adapts to its changing needs and an extra layer of moisturizing is only added when necessary.

The Beauty Ritual

Layering, or the art of overlaying, is a beauty ritual imported from Asia.
The ritualised well-being consists of multiplying layers of products for make-up removal, cleansing, purifying and protecting the skin from external aggression such as UV rays, pollution and hard water.
Each action will neutralise any inconveniences of the previous one and optimise the benefits of the next.

Each step has a product to go with it, to be applied one by one in a precise order:

1. Double – Cleanser: The role of the first cleanse is to remove greasy substances from the face using an oil. The soap then finishes the task by gently eliminating impurities without causing any wrinkling.

2. The Tonic Lotion: The lotion soothes and softens the skin after cleansing. The lotion completes make-up removal by eliminating the last traces of hard water left over from the cleansing phase. It prepares the skin to receive subsequent products.

3. The Serum: The serum is a concentrated product with active ingredients that complete the action of the moisturizing cream. Lighter than the moisturizing cream, it is quickly absorbed.

4. Eye Cream: The skin around the eyes is very fragile. So products mustn’t be too rich or they may prove too harsh. This product will help combat the first signs of lines and dry skin.

5 .The Moisturizing Cream: The moisturizing cream will complete the work of the serum, bringing gentleness and comfort to the skin. It provides the hydration the skin needs to remain supple.

6. The Oil: This provides a real barrier against dehydration by stopping water from evaporating. It works like a veil of protection which seals moisture in and prevents active ingredients from evaporating.

7. Lastly, the Anti-UV Protection.

This ritual is more than a beauty routine; it is about relaxing both body and mind.
It is a real treat.