A stunning embodiment of the art of couture in its purest form, L’Atelier subtly brings together contrasting features that express the quintessence and perfection of SANG NOIR.

In a saturated textile market, L’Atelier is deliberately quirky, going beyond overly conceptual convention.

L’Atelier is SANG NOIR’s most artistic range.

The designs, the fabrics and the cuts incorporate a technical intention that far exceeds aesthetic appearance.

Our clothing is hand-finished and we pay great attention to both fabrics and manufacture:

  • The fabrics come from the finest manufacturers in Milan.
  • The clothes are sewn in Portugal.
  • Personalisation work is carried out in our own workshops in Luxembourg.

The collection is divided into four distinct lines which are:

  • ART (major works that have impacted the history of art)
  • GOOD SIDE (people who have left their mark on history)
  • BAD SIDE (people who have left their mark on criminal history)
  • CLASSIC (reinterpretations of the logo by various artists)

All L’Atelier items are limited to a run of 300. All sizes included.